Akonia Holographics is the world leader in systems and materials for holography.  Akonia has demonstrated holographic HoloMirror™ display elements whose attributes exceed those of any other commercial technology.  The Akonia HoloMirror™ technology will enable headsets that are thin, transparent & light-weight, while achieving high FOV with low manufacturing cost.

Akonia resources include:

  • Over 140 patents pertaining to holographic systems and materials
  • An employee roster that includes many of the inventors of those patents
  • Several HoloMirror™ manufacturing setups
  • Functional demonstration devices
  • In-house media development capability
  • Proprietary high-performance media manufacturing equipment

Akonia’s additional R&D activities include:

  • GRIN and 3D optics
  • Tunable laser development

Ultimately, these technologies can be leveraged to improve the size, cost & performance of future head-worn Augmented Reality hardware.