Patent Portfolio

Patent Portfolio

1) Recording Technology (28 Issued Patents (23 US, 5 Foreign) and 5 pending applications)

Recording Technology intellectual property (IP) includes system-level devices and methods for implementing holographic recording techniques.

2) Media (29 Issued Patents (18 US, 11 Foreign) and 1 pending application)

Media patents encompass formulation and packaging of Akonia’s photopolymer-based holographic recording medium. Akonia’s breakthrough “two chemistry” media formulation (US6103454) has been favored by holographic researchers ever since it was made commercially available by InPhase. Akonia’s new DRED™ technology (US8658332) further extends this preeminence, increasing the number of holograms that can be stored by a factor of 6x.

3) Media Manufacturing (18 Issued Patents (4 US, 14 Foreign) and 1 pending application)

Manufacture of holographic media requires extensive expertise and development beyond that of formulating the medium itself. With the aid of manufacturing giant Maxell in the late 2000’s, a media manufacturing line was built capable of producing commercial quantities to exacting specifications. Akonia has retained both equipment and IP from this project. Important media manufacturing patents include the Zerowave™ process for producing optically-flat media (US6156415).

4) Multiplex Methods (19 Issued Patents (8 US, 11 Foreign) and 6 pending applications)

Holographic multiplexing refers to techniques for recording many holograms into a common volume of recording medium. In addition to the traditional method of angle multiplexing, Akonia employs the breakthrough technique of polytopic multiplexing (US7092133), which allows neighboring stacks of holograms to be even further overlapped. Pending patent applications cover Akonia’s newest multiplexing techniques including dynamic aperture holographic multiplexing, and phase quadrature holographic multiplexing.

5) Optics (10 Issued US Patents)

Many optical components and methods have been patented in the process of developing holographic technology. Chief among these are a shift-tolerant “isoplanatic” lens design (US7532374), a moving phase mask for holographic noise suppression (US7813017), and an aspheric apodizer for beam profile tailoring (US6825992).

6) Test Equipment (3 Issued Patents)

In some cases, equipment designed to measure or characterize holographic media or systems proved novel in and of themselves. In one example, a volumetric phase microscope was developed to measure recorded refractive index variations in holographic medium (US7435941). Alignment equipment and techniques for drive manufacturing also falls under this category (e.g., US8305700).

7) Other (9 Issued US Patents)

Akonia holds a number patents that do not fall into the categories above. Notable examples include holograms for presentation and security (US6695213), a tunable optical filter for WDM (US6856461), and a high-speed shutter design (US8120832).